Noel Gyger Fishing Testimonials

~ Allan Melville, Gillette
“Noel, Gail & Gang: What a fantastic experience. I’d recommend to any of your guest that haven’t tried fly fishing to get one of the boys to show them how. I did and it has changed my life. Thanks for everything."

~ The Duracell Group of nine Anglers
“Thank you very much for an exciting, unbelievable fishing catch. The food and friendly accommodations were outstanding. The size were the largest I’ve ever seen/caught. The guides were super. I know you'll have many returns and referrals with the excellent superb quality both in fishing and accommodation.

~ Barb and Italo Labignan, The Canadian Sportfishing Show
"We were able to again get 4 TV shows done in 3 ½ days…awesome! Looking forward to coming back next year! God bless you all.” 

~ Jim Westman, Canadian Sportfishing, Ontario, Canada
“This being my 4th time here has been another wonderful experience – 69 lb Chinook plus a bunch of other fish – not to mention Gail’s deserts keeps us coming back. Thanks A LOT!

~ Filippi Fulvio group, Italy
“Gail & Noel, Thank you very much. Courtesy and excellent hospitality. In this house we found ourselves in good hands. We feel bad (sorry) we could not communicate in your language. We hope to see you again. Thank you. We wish you the best in your work. Lots of Luck. Ciao!”

~ Bruce McGowen, Gillette Group
“Gail you are the best and thanks for the great food and superb service. Fishing was OK.” Regards.

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